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On-Site Demonstrations

 Observe Dynamic Demo Lessons Right in Your Own School!  


Would you like to observe your students use GeoGebra to actively discover new concepts and experience meaningful remediation of previous concepts learned?  

Would you like to observe how GeoGebra can naturally and effectively help differentiate instruction and serve as a source of ongoing formative assessment? 

Brzezinski Math offers on-site demo lessons for any interested teachers during the school day. 
I would be delighted to visit your district to actively demonstrate to interested faculty how GeoGebra can accomplish these objectives by teaching any number of classes during the school day.


Doesn't matter where you are in the curriculum:  I will design any one (or more) student-centered lesson(s) that will actively engage students with using GeoGebra to help them discover new concepts and meet the lesson objective(s) for any given day.

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