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About Tim Brzezinski

Independent Mathematics Education Consultant

Mathematics Teacher

Accredited GeoGebra Trainer

Accredited GeoGebra Author

Welcome!  My name is Tim Brzezinski and I am a former High School Mathematics Teacher (Berlin, CT) with 15 years experience.  I continue to teach mathematics courses part-time at Central Connecticut State University.  I design lessons that empower all of my students to learn mathematics within meaningful contexts and to become critical thinkers of the discipline, regardless of course level.  I use a variety of pedagogical approaches that promote active, hands-on, student-centered, discovery-based learning.  Within my classroom, I place students at the center of their own learning and myself as a facilitator of this learning. Over the years, I have authored numerous lesson activities that engage students to think critically, formulate and test conjectures, and construct new knowledge based upon their findings.  


I regularly use technology as a means of enhancing my instruction within the secondary and post-secondary mathematics classroom.  In the past, I have used a wide range of mathematics technology applications.  Of all these great applications, I use GeoGebra most extensively.  GeoGebra has four amazing apps (Graphing Calculator, Geometry, 3D Graphing Calculator, and Classic) that can naturally foster active (and differentiated) discovery-based learning experiences for each student.  I would look forward to the opportunity to show you and your colleagues how GeoGebra can amazingly empower teachers to create a learning environment that enhances student discovery, provides meaningful remediation, facilitates differentiation opportunities, and serves as a source of ongoing

formative assessment. 

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